Chemical Dosing

Chemical dosing involves the addition of any number of flocculants that remove the unwanted particles from treated water. The most common flocculants used in chemical dosing are; chlorine (in gas, liquid and granular form), ultraviolet, ozone, lime and soda ash. Swan’s stocks a comprehensive range of internationally recognised chemical dosing products that can be customised to individual specifications for both domestic and industrial applications.

Helical screw feeders

The helical screw is driven by a geared motor which, in turn, is controlled by a variable speed drive (VSD). The VSD ensures that the correct amount of chemicals – such as soda ash, lime or aluminium sulphate – are being applied for each specific application.

Rotary disc dry feeders

A rotary disc dry feeder serves as an alternative to the helical screw feeder, whereby a disc is positioned below a hopper, and the feed rate is controlled by varying the gap between the disc and the hopper discharge.

Water operated dry feeders

The Moore W.O.T.T. dry feeder operates on the tipping bucket principle that utilises water for motivation purposes. The water operates a tipping bucket system which, in turn, reciprocates a stainless steel tray below a charging bin or feed hopper. This results in the chemical being discharged into a chamber beneath, where water from the bucket tipping system is also discharged, thereby creating turbulence and forming a solution or slurry of the fed chemical, which in this form is gravitated to the point of application. Two methods are provided for adjusting chemical dosage, namely; regulation of the operating water, and positioning of the tray below the feed bin.

Gravity solution feeders

Ideal for use in rural and remote areas, gravity solution feeders are most commonly utilised where electrical power is in short supply. Chemical dosing is achieved by means of gravity, while mixing is done hydraulically and the water is transported by a diesel driven pump system.

Chemical dosing pumps

Swan’s stocks a comprehensive range of internationally-recognised chemical dosing pump brands, which are specifically designed to dispense numerous flocculants in water treatment applications.


Sterilisation, which is the final step in the process of creating potable water before it is sent to the end user, is achieved by means of chlorination. Swan’s is able to customise chlorination requirements to each customer’s individual specifications, and stocks chlorine in granular, liquid and gas (bottle mounted or ton cylinder) forms.

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