Effleunt Treatment

Effluent treatment includes processes to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants from sewerage water, in order to produce an environmentally safe treated effluent and treated sludge that suitable for disposal or reuse. Due to the fact that sewerage flow is far more variable and unpredictable than that of potable water, Swan’s stocks a range of products to meet this industry’s unique demands.

Biofilter rotary distributors

A biofilter rotary distributor comprises of a stationary inner column and a rotating outer distribution tank with attached distribution arms that spread and distribute the wastewater. Swan’s stocks biofilter rotary distributors in sizes ranging from 10-m-diameter to 30-m-diameter, thereby providing customers with a wide variety of dry and wet flow ranges to choose from.


Aeration can be used to smooth the flow of tap water, in addition to being used as a secondary treatment of sewerage or industrial wastewater. Swan’s has the capacity to manufacture an aerator specific to customer demands, should the need arise.


Wastewater clarifiers are supplied with scum buffels and sludge removal facilities, and play an important role in removing heavier sludge solids by means of settling and separation from the liquid phase. Chlorine analysers are often used to vary the feed rate of chlorine in the clarifier, due to the fact that sewerage flow is highly variable.

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