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Moore CPPP package water purification plant

The Moore CPPP package water purification plant is a floor mounted purification plant in which the complete purification process is effected under pressure, and raw water is rendered suitable for potable or industrial use. Chemically treated raw water, which is either gravity fed or pumped, enters a pressurised combination conditioning and sedimentation vessel tangentially near the bottom, and is conditioned by means of vanes which are mounted at the periphery of the tank.

This is followed by the liquids/solids separation phase in which heavy sediment settles in the bottom of the tank as the water rises to the top, where it enters the filtration compartment via a series of circular holes. Filtered water is collected in the filter underdrain system, before being delivered to a clear water storage tank, usually mounted above. Chemical dosing is achieved by means of solution metering pumps which feed into the raw water supply line just upstream of the pressure vessel.

The Moore CPPP packaged plant has the unique feature of not requiring backwash pumps or air scour blowers. Air scouring is achieved by first closing the inlet and outlet valves to the vessel. The desludge valve and air inlet valve are then opened simultaneously allowing sludge that has collected in the bottom of the vessel to pass into the channel provided. This displacement induces air to flow upwards through the filter media via the underdrain system and air inlet pipe.

This operation is carried out for a period of approximately three minutes, depending on the quality of water being treated. The filter is then backwashed by closing the air inlet valve and opening the outlet to the clear water recovery tank, which is elevated to allow clear water to flow upwards through the media via the underdrain system. Air is expelled from the apex of the vessel via the air vent pipe provided. On completion of this operation, which should be carried out for approximately three minutes, the desludge valve is closed and flow to the vessel is resumed.

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